Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter (2017) Review

Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter attracts fans. Announced the franchise of SF movies affected by video games that produced six movies in 15 years. The same. Also, as this is a Hispanic Alice who is trying to rescue society by malicious corporations, this article, starring Mila Jovovich, is as calm as all previous ones,

Like the latest version of a similar underworld franchise, the movie starts with rethinking what has happened so far. This has actually seen the previous entry,

The story begins with Washington D.C. being reduced to the ruin of smoking like the only dream and Alice going to Rakun city, home of Umbre Corporation. There, he wants to get airborne antivirus software that can cure the millions of victims transformed into zombies thanks to the company's violent crime. Alice explores the anti-virus from the artificial intelligence program of the umbrella company that is being revealed, "Rebellious Anderson, 9-year-old daughter of Jovovich, movie writer director Paul WS Anderson"

On the way Alice must deal with her arch enemy, Dr. Alexander Isaacs (Ian Glen). It looks very lively for the man who is supposed to be dead.

Alice says at the first encounter, "I have killed you." "But I am here," Isaacs replies. We have summarized the movie's approach to logical continuity fairly well.

As Alice has to fight against the fierce zombies that could not find the work of "The Walking Dead" and the mutant monster creatures that represent the worst CGI effect that money can buy, the way to Raccoon City is easy It is not.

Although it seems that it has not matured a bit since the beginning of the series, Jovovic cares about her intense charisma and intense athletic competition. Alice remains unstoppable physical power and has the ability to quickly dispatch six armed bad guys even while hanging upside down.Jovovich makes it completely reliable. Actions are virtually nonstop from start to finish, but there is nothing remotely exciting for editing queer style. However, the relentless disturbance has the merit of offering generous opportunities to shake hands with ham at the least by actors' "What are you trying to do?"

Fans will admire the semi-regular characters such as Ali Larter as Albert Wesker, the villain of Claire and Shawn Roberts. However, newcomers such as Ruby Rose ("Orange Is the New Black") and Japanese actress / model Rola are not given enough screen time to almost impress.

Climactic Sequence recognizes hints, hints and clones involved in providing at least strange complicated story lines with insensitivity to inconsistency. And while Alice notifies us through the narration of the voice actor "This is the end of my story", leave the door widely open.
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