Kung Fu Yoga (2017) Review

In the 1990's, Star Jackie Chan of Hong Kong sent out a light and light action comedy featuring various casts, fascinating places, and elaborate elaborate stunts that no one else could do, to the global market It was. Kung Fu Yoga is trying to reproduce that era. I respect homage to the commercial familiarity of Chahn.

Even now in the '60s, the star has not awkwardly died a stunt that marked his previous record. However, as this year's railway Tigers showed, he did not forget the stunts and formulas he praised for the first time.

Kung Fu Yoga, written by Director Stanley Tong, is closely related to Indiana Jones' movies. A long opening sequence (with weak CG) shows that China's envoy of the seventh century Wangance collaborates with Magadha's General Gitanjali Princess Bhima to defeat the rebel Arunasava. Avalanche fills Bhima with huge treasure.

Currently, Churn is Jack, it is called by many great Chinese archeologists ("one of him", he continues deming). Dr. Amishta (Disha Patani) arrives from India with an ancestral map that may help to locate Bhima. Jack will help a lucky lucky hunter, Jarians (Aarih Rahman).

When setting up a shop on the glacier, Jack and his team will find the underground cave with a bima and treasure. There, they are attacked by Randall (Sonu Sud) and his people. Jones steals "eyes of Shiva" and throws away his friends who will not live and escape.

Jason's chase after Jones leads to Dubai, Jack accidentally steals the SUV holding an adult lion and goes back to India to face Randall and his thugs. On the way, heroes are being threatened by insect pests such as snakes and hyenas and multilingual bad guards armed with knives and guns.

In the rumble era of bronze and first strike, hardcore fans were concerned that Tung might be thinning Chang's brand with a large set, tricks pleasing to the crowd and meaningless plot twists . But Tun's real technology met the Warner Brothers cartoon freewheeling, causal relationship physics, gathering difficult and complex stunts in a wonderful action sequence that bounced at all corners of his set, .

Kung Fu Yoga does not come close to the best movie, Super Cup, made with Chang and Tong. However, for a while Chang directs his battle with immediacy and shock lost from the director's latest movie, rather than this physical, the director quickly develops a showcase.

Enthusiastic young people (Hong Kong cartoon Eric Tsang, a few old veterans like Iceland and Jaipur's wonderful places) have fun excitement. Especially when you are watching Chan at your prime, feel the used car.

This movie should work well in the Asian market, but viewers here may feel that the philosophy of Chang and filmmaking is somewhat soft and old-fashioned. Chan remained as a movie icon and helped to float kung-fu yoga in front of me. He will replace it with a pretty good Bollywood figure for a normal outtake reel.
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