Fifty Shades Darker (2017) Review

The second book of the Fifty Shades series, the shading of the Fifty Shades Darker, provides it - it is a specific darkness not seen in the first book. Where the first book ends, the darker one picks it up. The difference has grown too much for Anastyr and Christian Gray. However, their holidays do not last long. Once again, we get caught up in the whirlwind romance - and crazy sex - that is their relationship. However, Darker introduces new characters.

There are clear people by Anna's boss, Jack, Anna. He proved that the Christian gray might have his absurdly overprotective point, and as the book goes on it becomes more and more rugged and steep. There is also Elena - Anna is pointing to her, Mrs. Robinson. Elena is a woman who grabbed Gray in her teens. It is a woman refusing not to admit Christian's abuse of him. She also, as expected, becomes a permanent force, presumed to be the enemy of Anna's death. Christian's past female Leila also has serious psychological problems.

These challenges make it difficult to develop relationships between Ana and Christianity, but both overcome as many problems as possible, and we look forward to the eternal future together.

Finally some depth! Fifty Shades Darker glaze makes readers crazy for the assemblage of sex. Although Darker is rather disappointing, the new character adds some action to the coldness of the new layer and other romantic novels. Jack brings innovative progress to Ana! Leila enters the Anna's apartment! Mrs. Robinson still wants Christians! Lyra's story line is particularly foreign but it makes a story and makes the relationship between the two main characters more serious.

As the book progresses, I will also learn about the childhood of Christians and why he is his way. Again, we are getting deeper and darker. Both answer a lot of questions to the reader and I wonder more about us. Darker 's author, E. L. James, pulls us in to the story, not just sex.

It is not that there is not a truly absurd series of events, unexpected, like a marriage proposal that is suitable for the pain of the eyes, but Anna is not saying that he wants to be treated more severely now in sex. Writing is also poor. However, if you try to read literary magical books, this is a wrong book. If you like dirty, scandalous, romantic, this is a book for you.

Elena. She is one of the biggest villains of the novel, but she is an interesting character, and indeed maintains the readers' guesses. Anna strongly opposed her and Christians are convinced that no romantic emotions remain. And Elena insists on becoming friends with Ana, but confuses the reader just like Anna. There is no satisfying moment than the specific party scene between Ana and Elena towards the end.
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